Product overview

       I-clinic is an advanced windows based software system for management of medical clinics. It enables assistants and clinic managers to efficiently manage their clinics daily operational needs.

System features

1) Paperless:

          This application helps the staff to reduce paper use through the Creation of a database stored on the user computer. This helps the user to quickly access the patient data and prevents losing it.

2) Patient profiles Management:    

This application allows saving the patient data which helps the doctor to review any information needed any time.

3) Financial Accounts Organizing:

          By this application you can register the paid fees on the first visit or postponed payment to give you daily, monthly and annual reports.

4) Visitor Profiles Management:

          This application allows adding information about the pharmaceutical company representatives and helps to book their appointments with doctors.

5) Scheduler:

          This application helps storing and organizing every day visits of the patients or pharmaceutical company representatives and also allows the staff to give them the future dates..

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