E-School system helps both students parents and school administration through many effective features. The system manages the registration and admission process of new students that parents could register their children online and the system sets a date for the parents interview. E-School is a ready reference for the higher management to stay up to date with the current status of school activities.

Features of E-School system:



         This system helps school administration to reduce papers by transforming them into computerized absence and attendance record through a computer screen through which the teacher shows his schedules and student status everyday. Students grades students health case reports and students programs will be kept on this system and is displayed any time which enables students parents to watch their children performance at school and print their certificate.


Scheduling Daily Classes:


         This system helps school staff in creating daily schedules for each class and teacher.


Student Profiles Management:


         This system allows students to register their data. The school administration gives each student username and password to be able to Contact with the school to express opinions  evaluate the process of study and follow up student information (absence health cases and degrees … etc.).


School Management:


          This system enables the school to make full database of all the workers and their salaries, attendance, status, promotions and vacations.

          This system determines which students will be accepted and which will not (based on the rules laid down by the school administration).

          This system allows the schedule to be changed due to the absence of a teacher and modifies the schedule with the new circumstances to be displayed on the screen every day at school.

          This system makes the absence of students and out of each students absence after 10 days.

          This system comes out a monthly report of cases of  health.

          This system enables school to manage monthly quizzes mid-term exams and final exams beside that it enables school to determine the sitting number of students in exams.




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