E-TM Training Center Management helps center staff to manage the center courses, recording students’ data and protect this data from being lost.

Calculate accounts operations of the company (account staff salaries, calculate profit of year, month). 

Its mission is to offer a quick and easy way to register students, courses and financial daily accounts.


System Features:



         Compared to the existing system the proposed system helps training center staff to get rid of tons of papers and all the data of the center such as trainees  applications , information and receipts will be exist on this system.




         Compared to the existing system the proposed system helps training centers staff in creating schedules for each course.


Effort Reduction:

         Compared to the existing system the proposed system will provide a better working environment in which the work will be done easily and the effort required will be comparatively less than the existing system. Number of staff required for completing the work is less than the original system. Also the time required generating a report or for doing any other work will be comparatively less than it in the existing system. Recording, finding and updating students’ data will take less time than the existing system.


Managing Employee Profiles:

         This application allows mangers to follow center staff through special page for each one of them (attendance, performance, salary… etc.).


Managing Course group Profiles:

         This system allows center staff to follow-up students in courses and the trainer of every course.


Training Center Administration:


         This system allows staff to add (employees, students and courses) this data will be Combined together to give full reports for all issues of center..



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