Power Distribution System


Content of course


    Lighting system design

    Interior and exterior lighting ( street, sport, fence, open area )

    Manual calculation

    Programmable calculation ( dialux program )

    Type of lamp and luminaire

    Design and shop drawing for lighting system

    AutoCAD program

    Socket system

    HVAC ( heat ventilation air condition )



    central air condition

    Circuit breaker

    Construction ( low voltage- medium voltage-high voltage )


    Voltage drop and short circuit calculation

    Manual calculation

    Programmable calculation (Etap program- docwin program )


    Construction ( low voltage- medium voltage-high voltage )


    Panel board ( load schedule )

    Diesel generator

    Load ( normal-emergency-essential )


    Unbalanced calculation

    Earthing system

    Manual calculation

    Programble calculation (Etap program)

    Power factor correction

    Cable tray

    Load estimation

    Design of low voltage feeding box to building

    Design of distribution box (billar)

    Design of low voltage cable

    Medium voltage network

    Design of distributer

    Design of distribution transformer

    Design of ring main unit

    Design of medium voltage cable

    Motor starting



  3 hours lecture, 3 lectures per week, 40 hours


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