AutoDesk Revit Electrical




Course Content


Getting Started

• Introduction to for Autodesk Revit elect

• Starting Revit for the First Time

• Opening a Project File

• Identifying the User Interface Components

• Understanding the Ribbon

• Understanding the Options Bar

• Understanding the Application Menu

• Understanding the Info.Center Toolbar

• Understanding the View Controls

• Starting a New Project


 Elements and Families

• Understanding Revit

• Understanding Bidirectional Associatively

• Recognizing Parametric Relationships

• Understanding Families

• Working with Model Elements

• Working with View Specific Elements

• Placing Elements from the Project Browser

• Loading Families and Using Type Catalogs

• Finding Families Using Autodesk Seek

• Editing Families within a Project


Project Setup


Creating a New Project File

Placeholder Links (architectural, mechanical and structural)

Aligning Levels

Splash Screen Setup

Electrical Settings

Placing Spaces

Additional Considerations

Creating a Local File

Turning a Local File into a Central File

Power Design

Prepare Electrical Distribution Equipment

Placing a Utility Transformer

Placing Switchboard and Panelboard

Placing Transformers

Connecting Distribution Equipment

Placing Receptacles

Placing Motors and Starters

Connect Electrical Content to Panel

Place Wire and Home Runs


Lighting Design

Placing Electrical Fixtures

Placing Electrical Devices (switches)

Connect Fixtures to Panel

Adding Wire / Miscellaneous

Systems Design

Place Telecom Equipment

Place Telecom Outlet

Place Speaker

Place Fire Alarm Device

Place Security Device


General Concepts

Cost Estimating

Electrical Connection Coordination

Electrical Drawings Schedule

Basic Reporting Schedules

Lighting Fixture Schedule

Electrical Equipment Schedule

Specific Use Equipment Schedule

Contactor Schedule

Lighting Control Device Schedule

Lighting Controls Sequence of Operations

Schedules with Symbols

Circuit Reporting Schedules

Meter Schedule (for LEED projects)

Wiring Diagrams

Using SKM Power Tools® with Revit

Link diagrams created by SKM

Creating Riser and Wiring diagrams in Revit



Views and Sheets

• Creating Plan Views and Reflected Ceiling Plan Views

• Creating a Plan Region

• Creating Section Views

• Segmenting a Section View

• Creating Callout Views

• Creating Drafting Views

• Creating a Reference View

• Duplicating Views

• Creating Match lines and View References

• Creating Additional View References

• Aligning Views on Sheets with a Guide Grid

• Placing Schedules on a Sheet

• Using a Sheet List and Placeholder Sheets

• Creating Custom Title blocks

• Creating a Key Plan

• Managing Sheet Issues and Revisions

•Creating Revision Clouds and Tags

•Adding a Revision Schedule to a Title block


Creating graphics

• Creating Supplemental Drawings View Graphics

• Working with Visual Styles

• Understanding Scale and Detail Level

• Understanding Plan View Range

• Understanding View Templates

• Creating View Templates

• Applying and Assigning View Templates

• Creating View Types

• Understanding Object Styles

• Understanding Visibility and Graphic Overrides

• Creating Element and Category Graphic Overrides in a View

• Creating Filter Overrides

• Understanding Temporary Hide or Isolate and Viewing Hidden Elements

• Understanding Crop Regions

• Understanding Annotation Crop Regions


Schedules and Tags

• Placing Element Tags by Category

• Creating a Schedule and Specifying Fields

• Modifying Schedules with Filters

• Modifying Schedules with Sorting and Grouping

• Modifying Schedule Formatting

• Modifying the Schedule Appearance



• Working with Text Annotations

• Checking Spelling in a View

• Finding and Replacing Text

• Modifying Text Type Properties

• Creating Keynotes

• Modifying Keynotes and Keynote Settings

• Creating a Keynote Legend

• Managing Arrowheads


Printing and Publishing

• Understanding Printing and Publishing

• Printing and Managing Print Settings

• Printing to PDF




 3 hours lecture, 3 lectures per week, 30 hours

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