Google SketchUp

  Introductions and Setup

  1. What we are going to do  Syllabus Review
  2. Sample project images
  3. About SketchUp: History, Capabilities and Uses
  4. The Difference between 3D and BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  5. Interior Space vs. Exterior Space

Program Setup

  1. Opening SketchUp: The Initial Setup “out of the box”
  2. Using Single and Multiple Screens
  3. Preparing the interface
    1. Toolbars and Menus
    2. Saving your setup
    3. Saving space for laptop use
    4. Program Settings
    5. Model Info and Preferences
  1. Menu Options, Icon review
  2. 3D Space: Axes, Views
  3. Controlling the camera: Orbiting, Zooming and Panning

Basic Geometry/ Drawing Tools

  1. Create Lines
  2. Create Rectangles, Squares
  3. Create Polygons/Circles
  4. Create surfaces from lines, Circles and polygons
  5. Triangulation
  6. How SketchUp handles Curves
  7. Freehand tool
  8. Single and Multiple Selections

3D Geometry Construction Tools

  1. Create 3-dimensional geometry
  2. Create surfaces from lines in 3D
  3. Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D
  4. Create geometry with the Push/Pull Tool
  5. Push/Pull with Modifier Keys
  6. Lock inferences

Modification Tools

  1. Move, Copy
  2. Using Move to Resize Curves and Curved Surfaces
  3. Rotate, Copy
    1. Defining the Rotation Axis
    2. Using Rotate to Twist
  1. Scaling and Resizing
  2. Offsetting Lines and faces
  3. Follow Me
    1. Follow Me with Components
    2. Round Objects
  1. Auto fold
  2. Displaying and Smoothing Edges

Making Multiple Copies

  1. Internal Arrays
  2. Non-Orthogonal Copies
  3. Multiple Rotated Copies

Groups and Components

  1. The differences between Groups and Components
  2. The importance of structuring your models with Groups and Components
  3. Demonstration of Component inferencing behavior and characteristics
  4. Creating and Saving Your Own Components
  5. How to edit a Component
  6. Removing Objects from a Group or Components
    1. Scaling Components
    2. Resizing Components
  1. Healing the edge of adjacent components
  2. Work with the Components Browser
    1. Finding Components in the 3D Warehouse
    2. Opening the 3D Warehouse in Your Internet Browser
    3. Inserting and Editing Components


  1. Cutting
  2. Arch Cutouts Using Groups
  3. Intersect with Context and Selected

Painting, Materials, and Textures

  1. Applying Materials
  2. Editing Materials
  3. Using Images as Textures
  4. Material Collections
  5. Material Translucency
  6. Double-Sided Faces
  7. Materials of Groups and Components
  8. Overview of Materials of Groups
  9. Double-Sided Faces of Groups
  10. Materials of Components
  11. Wrapping Images

Adding Text and Dimensions

  1. Text
  2. Measuring Length and Area
  3. Dimensions
    1. Creating Dimensions
    2. Dimension Display and Properties
    3. Dimensioning Using the Text Tool
    4. 3D Text

Miscellaneous Basic Exercises

  1. Healing a Divided Line
  2. Smoothing Faces of Rotate-Copied Curved Objects


  1. Sectioning Overview
  2. Using Sections for Interior Design
  3. Using Section Planes to Create Floor Plans


  1. Pre-Defined Styles
  2. Editing Styles
    1. Model Display
    2. Styles: Edge Settings
    3. Styles: Face Settings
    4. Styles: Background Settings
    5. Styles: Watermarks Settings
    6. Styles: Modeling Settings
  1. Saving Your Style as a Template
  2. Mixing Styles
  3. Watermarks and Backgrounds
  4. Sketchy Edges and the SketchUp “look”

 Imaging and Presentation

  1. Using Scenes/Creating Camera views
  2. Using Layers
    1. Using Layers to Hide Objects
    2. Using Layers for Labeled Presentations and to Simulate Animation
    3. Using Layers to Explore Design Options
    4. Using Layers of Groups and Components
  1. Interior Manipulations, I.e. Field of View
  2. Lighting and Shadows
  3. Creating a solar study
  4. Fog
  5. Exporting to JPG and other formats
  6. Exporting your model
  7. Examples of different presentation techniques

3 hours lecture, 3 lecture per week, 40 hours 
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