Excel for Civil Engineer


Course Content

Getting familiar with excel window

a) moving around excel

b) Text and numbers

c) undo and redo

d) zoom control

e) selection part of spread sheet

f) drag and drop

g) cut, copy and paste

h) insert and delete columns and rows

i) change columns and rows width

j) autofill

k) saving workbook

l) open and close workbook

m) printing

 Making a spreadsheet look good

a) border and shading

b) using cell styles

c) alignment

d) changing numbers format

e) changing date format

f) fill colour

g) format printer

h) change page setup

i) header and footer


a) move, resize and deleting charts

b) format using design tab

c) print the charts

d) what chart shall I choose?

e) fitting curves

 advanced tools

a) auto filter, custom filter

b) conditional formatting

c) freeze panel

d) sorting

 formulae and protection

a) spreadsheet design principles

b) using sum

c) formulae

d) create and copy formulae

e) absolute value

f) protection of formulae


a) insert basic function

b) if, countif and sumif functions

c) nested if

d) other function

e) OR, AND function

f) VLOOK() and HLOOK() functions

application on CIVIL using EXCEL sheet

a) design columns using excel sheet

b) calculation of earth quick load using excel sheet according to Egyptian code

c) distribution of earth quick load in multi-story building
d) calculation of wind load using excel sheet according to Egyptian code


 3 hours lecture, 3 lectures per week, 24 hours


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