JDeveloper - ADF


JDeveloper - ADF


 Java Programming Language, Java SE 6

Getting Started

Identifiers, Keywords, and Types

Expressions and Flow Control


Class Design

Advanced Class Features

Exceptions and Assertions

Collections and Generics Framework

I/O Fundamentals

Console I/ O and File I/O

Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API

Handling GUI-Generated Events

GUI-Based Applications



Build ADF Faces Clients for EJB and JPA

Java EE Fundamentals

Designing Java EE Applications

Exploring the JDeveloper IDE

Examining the EJB Model

Asynchronous Communication with Message-Driven Beans

Managing Transactions with Session and Message-Driven Beans

Developing a Web Application Using Servlets

Developing a Web application Using JavaServer Pages

Designing the Web Tier Using JSF

Developing JSF Pages using ADF Faces

Enriching Applications using ADF Faces

ADF Data Binding: A Deeper Dive

Mastering Task Flows

Navigation and Other Operations in JSF

Responding to Events

Securing Java EE Applications

Implementing Security in ADF Applications

Packaging and Deploying Java EE Applications

Troubleshooting the Application



Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Build Applications with ADF I

Introduction to Fusion and ADF

Getting Started with JDeveloper

Building a Data Model with ADF Business Components

Querying and Persisting Data

Exposing Data

Declaratively Customizing Data Services

Programmatically Customizing Data Services

Validating User Input

Troubleshooting ADF BC Applications

Understanding UI Technologies

Binding UI Components to Data

Planning the User Interface

Adding Functionality to Pages

Implementing Navigation on Pages

Achieving the Required Layout

Ensuring Reusability

Passing Values Between UI Elements

Responding to Application Events

Implementing Transactional Capabilities

Implementing Security in ADF BC Applications


Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Build Applications with ADF II


Explore the Project Structure and Core File Architecture

Extend the ADF Business Components Framework

Use ADF Business Components for Validation, Calculations and List of Values

Use Inheritance in the Business Domain Layer

ADF as part of a Service Oriented Architecture

Implement Data Binding Concepts

Practical Data Binding in Action

Work with Managed Beans and JavaServer Faces

ADF Faces Advanced Features

Integrate with WebCenter

Customize the Application Look and Feel with Skins


3 hours lecture, 3 lecture per week, 100 hours




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