SolidWorks Advanced Modeling

Description: Advanced Part Modeling teaches you how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilites of SolidWorks.

The topics covered in this course are:



About This Course 
Using this Book 
Windows 7 
Use of Color 
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Lesson 1: Multibody Solids: How They Work 

Multibody Solids 
Multibody Techniques 
Introducing: Solid Bodies Folder 
Feature Scope 
Patterning Bodies 
Tool Body 
Introducing: Insert Part 
Introducing: Move/Copy Bodies 
Combining Bodies 
Introducing: Combine


Lesson 2: Uses of Multibody Solids 

Common Bodies 
Indent Feature 
Introducing: Delete Body 
Local Operations 
Using Cut to Create Multibodies 
Saving Solid Bodies as Parts and Assemblies 
Introducing: Insert into New Part 
Introducing: Save Bodies 
Splitting a Part into Multibodies 
Introducing: Split 
Creating an Assembly 
Using Split Part with Legacy Data 
Modeling for Rapid Tooling


Lesson 3: Sketching with Splines

Sketching Splines 
Introducing: Spline 
Introducing: Show Curvature Combs 
Sketch Picture 


Lesson 4: Introduction to Sweeping 

Case Study: Faux Raised Panel Door 
Sweep with Guide Curves 
Case Study: Bottle 
Sweep Options 
Sweep with Guide Curves 
Dome Feature 
Introducing: SelectionManager


Lesson 5: Working with Curves

Case Study: Modeling a Spring 
Sweeping Along a 3D Path 
3D Sketching 
Introducing: Helix and Spiral 
Introducing: Projected Curve 
Introducing: Composite Curve 
Introducing: Fit Spline 
Applying the Label to the Bottle 
Modeling Threads 
Case Study: Creating a Curve Through a Set of Points 
Sketch Blocks 
Equation Driven Curves 
Introducing:Split Line


Lesson 6: Advanced Sweeping

Orientation and Twist Control 
Align with End Faces 
Sweeping Along Model Edges 
Sweeping a Tool Body


Lesson 7: Boundary Feature and Lofting

Why Lofts and Boundary Features? 
How Lofting and Boundary Work 
Boundary Feature vs Loft 
Introducing: Boundary Feature 
Using Derived and Copied Sketches 
Copying a Sketch 
Derived Sketches 
Introducing: Insert Derived Sketch 
Direction Boundary Feature 
Layout Sketches 
Centerline Lofting 
Introducing: Split Entities 
Cleaning Up a Model 
Introducing: Delete Face 
Introducing: Deviation Analysis


Lesson 8: Other Advanced Tools

Advanced Fillets 
Analyzing Geometry 
Introducing: Display Curvature 
Intersection Curves 
Zebra Stripes 
Wrap Feature 
Deform Feature 
Introducing: Knit Surface 
Move Face and Delete Face 
Introducing: Move Face 
Performance Considerations





3 hours lecture, 3 lecture per week, 24 hours





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