Designing of HVAC system

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the current state of HVAC technology, theory, and safety. Study includes the principles of thermodynamics, energy, and matter and how those concepts apply to refrigeration. Students are also instructed in the use of applicable HVAC tools and equipment, as well as the fundamental mathematics needed to analyze and maintain HVAC systems.

Course Content

  • Study all types of AC (Air Conditions) DX and Chiller start from window type to chiller

  • How to select the units (DX and Chillers) from different types of catalogues (Carrier, York, SKM)

  • How to calculate load estimation by using HAP Programs and Manual calculation

  • How to deal with ASHRAE Code to obtain different data (lighting data , people  occupancy , ventilation , electric equipment that gives high load (like boilers) and activity levels of persons and others


  • How to use Duct Calculator to make duct sizing

  • How to select different types of Air Outlets (Linear Diffusers, Square Diffuser, Side Wall Grill and others) from different catalogues (Beta,ZAMZAM, ANDALOSIA, EGAT, DASCO and others

  • How to select any type of Fan (pressurized fan, Exhaust fan, fresh air fan) By calculating ESP (external static pressure)

  •  How to deal with SAMCNA Code

  • Determining all Hock up on pump, chiller, (AHU) Air Handling Unit and (FCU) Fan Coil Unit

  • How to calculate pump head


  • How to make pipe sizing



2 hours lecture, 3 lecture per week, 24 hours


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