Java Enterprise Application Development


Java Enterprise Application Development

Course Description

The course introduces the distributed object programming model and briefly explains some important object distributed computing technologies. Web computing trends are also discussed, including the development of Servlets, JSP, JSF and EJB standards in the context of Java Enterprise Technologies. While Web and EJB components are distributed objects, they must be studied in the context of J2EE architecture. One of the main goals of this course is to emphasize J2EE architectural model as a new type of distributed computing in the Internet world of today.

Web Component Development with Servlets & JSPs, Java EE 6:

1- Introduction to Java Servlets.                                                                 

2- Introduction to Java Server Pages.                                                        
3- Implementing an MVC Design.                                                             
4- The servlets environment.                                                                  
5- Container facilities for servlets and JSPs.                                             
6- More view facilities.
7- Developing JSP pages.
8- Developing JSP pages using custom tags.
9- More Controller facilities.
10- More options for the Model.
11- Asynchronous web applications.           

Building Database Driven Applications with JPA:

1- Overview of the Java Persistence API (JPA).                                        
2- Introducing the Auction Application.                                                
3- Java Persistence API Entities.                                                              
4- Understanding the Entity Manager.                                                     
5- Modeling Entity Relationships.                                                             
6- Entity Inheritance and Object-Relational Mapping.                      
7- Persisting Enums and Collections.
8- Introduction to Querying.
9- Using the Java Persistence API Query Language. 
10- Using the Java Persistence API Criteria API.
11- Using the Java Persistence API in a Container.
12- Implementing Transactions and Locking.
13- Advanced Java Persistence API Concepts.           

Business Component Development with EJB Technology, Java EE 6:

1- Introduction to Java EE.                                                                         
2- Implementing Session Beans.                                                                 
3- Accessing Session Beans.                                                                        
4- Advanced Session Bean Concepts.                                                       
5- Singleton Session Bean.                                                                           
6- Developing Java EE Applications Using Messaging.                         
7- Developing Message-Driven Beans.
8- Using Timer ServicesObjectives.
9- Implementing Interceptor Classes and Methods.
10- Implementing Transactions.
11- Implementing Security.
12- Using EJB Technology Best Practices.

Developing Web Services Using Java Technology:

1- Introduction to Web Services.                                                                
2- JAX-WS-based Web Services.                                                              
3- SOAP and WSDL.                                           
4- JAX-WS and JavaEE.                                      
5- Implementing More Complex Web Services Using JAX-WS.  
6- AX-WS Web Service Clients.                       
7- Introduction to RESTful Web Services.      
8- JAX-RS-based Web Services.
9- JAX-RS-based Web Service Clients.
10- JAX-RS and JavaEE.
11- Implementing More Complex Web Services Using JAX-RS and Jersey.
12- Trade-Offs Associated with the Java Web Services APIs.
13- Web Services Design Patterns.
14- Best Practices and Design Patterns for Use with JAX-WS.
15- Best Practices and Design Patterns for Use with JAX-RS.


2 hours lecture, 3 lecture per week, 120 hours

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