Architecture Diploma (دبلومة التصميم و الديكور الداخلى و الخارجى)

Architecture Diploma (دبلومة التصميم و الديكور الداخلى و الخارجى)

Course Description

 Architecture Photoshop

This course shows you how to use Adobe Photoshop to perform many different image processing techniques. In this course, you will learn how to use several tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate and resize images. You will learn to use layers, layer effects, filters, painting and blending, and color modification. Also, you will learn how to create images of different formats for different applications.


3Ds MAX 

This course is designed to give you all the skills required to create 3D content using 3D Studio Max. Throughout the course, students will be taught the foundations of modeling, material creation, animation, and scene generation as well as will learn the capabilities and potential of the interface, how to work efficiently, and how to apply tool-set in the workplace.


Course Content


3DS Max


Program Interface








Architecture Photoshop



Working with selection 

Photo editing tools  


Linking between AutoCAD and Photoshop

Architecture Presentation of  Horizontal Projection AutoCAD Plan

Architecture Presentation for  section

Architecture Presentation for wall covering




We will be working on three projects

Internal project

External project

Project delivers at the end of the Course Indoor & Outdoor



3 hours lecture, 3 lectures per week, 50hours

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